Progient Labs focus in Education

The educational sector is enduring noticeable changes right from the preschool up to the higher education level. Blended and flexible learning methods adopted in the educational system of today encourages the learner to learn better. The teachers responsible for the learners are also implementing a novel delivery mechanism with the adoption of the digital transformation in educational system. Digital technology has widely spread in the educational sector and the industry leaders are confronted to improve the service efficiency without compromising the overall experience of the learners.

The adoption of digital technology in education helps in enhancing values in education, research and total experience of the learner. For the effective use of technology in education and to accelerate digital transformations, a forerunner with digital expertise and experience are essential to get the desired result.

Progient labs is a reliable partner that helps in adopting digital transformation in the educational institutions around the globe. A holistic support is provided by Progient labs to the educational institutions in customizing, implementing, managing and improving the traditional system to one of digitalization. This promotes remote learning at the comfort and convenience of the learners. The digital virtual learning platform enables in independent learning which triggers learners’ enthusiasm in learning the concepts in depth. Since digital transformation is the new normal of modern education, Progient labs has focused on the following:

Bridging: Progient Labs builds a link between students, professionals and universities for a long-term learning engagement, problem solving and career building.

Remote learning: Progient Labs encourages remote learning with ease. This platform makes learning more engaging and helps the learner to take the responsibility of learning. This technology makes learner more focused.

Crowding sourcing: Progient labs uses crowd sourcing as a methodology to get information, gain knowledge and judgement through the huge data available.

Cyber security: Progient labs focuses on cyber security to protect confidentiality and credibility of the information, assessments, projects etc. of universities and its students.

The digital technology of Progient Labs is immensely useful in the educational field. It helps both learners and faculty to gain knowledge on any topic from a variety of information collected. It makes learning more fun and prepares learners for higher challenges and gain educational excellence.