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Infrastructure management as a Service (IMaaS)

Infrastructure management as a Service (IMaaS) is the process to ensure a reliable and secure IT infrastructure.  A proper IT infrastructure enables organizations to achieve its aims and develop an edge over its competitors. Data Loss protection, management of local and cloud based services, optimum utilization  of resources and a guarantee for complete protective IT infrastructure are the main purposes of IMaaS. It assures an optimum efficiency productivity and advanced communication

IMaaS offers the following services:

  • Hardware - Desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, servers and mainframes.
  • Software - SAS, IBM Cognos, Microsoft ( Critical enterprise software)
  • Operating Systems - MacOS, Linux, Unix, Windows.
  • Data Storage & Management - Data Recovery ,Data servers and software applications
  • Telecom and Networking - Virtual network servers, voice over IP (VOIP) servers, physical telephony equipment, routers etc.
  • Internet - Website and web hosting services, equipment, cloud-based development, services/tools.
  • CCTV Camera Sales and Service-Provide Robust security services and solutions for all IT needs and infrastructure.
  • Consultation & Integration - Integration in Legacy systems or migration into modern systems / applications.