World of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mc Carthy had defined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) way back in 1950 as, “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, with advanced computing technologies, enormous obtainability vast data and with new algorithms various AI achievements are happening progressively. Artificial intelligence is an inevitable element of modern world.  

For the development of any nation, embracing Artificial intelligence is an inevitable factor and its impact can be seen in all sectors. Al is the imitation of human intelligence process through machines. This development of advanced computer systems are capable of performing various human tasks such as object detection, problems solving, decision making and judgement. Some of the common examples of AI implemented in hardware that we are familiar today are the self-driven vehicles on road, Drones that captures images, Robots that assists in various tasks and helps in performing Internet search, facial recognition and many more.  

It has widely influenced the modern health sector. For instance, AI-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a method to detect depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and to provide appropriate treatment and necessary medical services. With the help of Automatic Stroke Detection device, doctors can close the gaps in high-quality imaging studies that can identify the type of stroke and the location of the clot or bleeding.  AI-enhanced Microscopes are used to scan harmful bacteria in blood samples with accuracy and speed. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre has developed a diagnostic microscope with artificial intelligence to detect deadly diseases. Digital Nurses transform patient care by monitoring patients’ condition between doctor visits. Apart from these, many more Artificial Intelligent enchased equipment, devices and programs are developing nowadays for the advancement in the medical field.

In the transport sector too, Artificial intelligence has dominated. AI traffic management systems are used in the Traffic sector to reduce the traffic congestion and for a smooth movement of traffic. AI support Sensors and cameras are installed on roads to collect the traffic details, to avoid unwanted traffic, improve road safety and reduce commuters wait times. AI based weather predictions are also a reliable information source for traveler.

In the educational field, AI with numerous innovative technologies have created personalized learning materials which helps learners to gain in-depth insight about every concept. AI are mostly seen in the visual learning platforms such as Chatbots, Robots, Learning Management Systems (LMS). Its advantage is that learning resources can accessed at any time and from any place. To a curious learner, it is less time-consuming and enhances the knowledge through research activities.

AI has helped the logistics sector in making accurate predictions and to improve their performance. It benefits to save time and money to a greater extent.

In the Defence sector, most of the countries today are using Artificial intelligence for military operations. Many nations across the globe are using AI in Navy and Army to generate Sensor Simulation Programs. It is also helpful in surveillance, cyber security systems and dissemination of explosives.

AI technology is spreading extensively across all the fields to decrease the exertions of humans and to obtain maximum results. However, AI also has reverse impact, hence care should be taken to make it work in favor of mankind.